Thursday, August 24, 2006

There is no Anti-Arab or Muslim Bias in the USA

I know I havn't posted in a while and I'm sorry about that. I suppose this is also a cheap way out but in anycase I thought I would share this with you all and hear your comments.

Below is the text of a letter I recieved today in the office with no name:

"My Dear Muslim Brothers,

In this time of strife between the Christians, Jews and the Muslims we of the Christian faith would like to extend the hand of friendship.

We would like to come to Mecca and host a BBQ for our Muslim brethren. We will provide the Pork Spareribs, beans, coleslaw and the beer and hopefully we can sit down in fellowship and build bridges between our communities.

Please do not pass up this opportunity as our BBQ masted BUBBA cooks the best Pork Spareribs in the American South and you haven't lived until you taste Bubbas' spareribes. Mohamed I am sure would approve.

In Friendship,

Your Christian Brothers"


jillian and ari said...

yousef! i hope all is well with you. i am glad to see you are still writing. i was out last night and ran into someone who helped me edit my thesis, so i was thinking of you and i am glad that i found you! i would love to catch up and see how you have been. if you have a chance, drop me an email at jillianmarcus at gmail dot com.
take care,

Pink Lady said...

Yus, I'm sorry you had to receive such a gross letter, thanks for posting it though, so I as well as others may get a little more awareness

Firebrand said...

Either they're totally ignorant of the fact that Muslims don't eat pork, or they're assholes.

And aren't you Christian, Yousef? They sent the bigoted letter to the wrong about that show of ignorance!