Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An analogy of my own

A couple years ago they destroyed all our power plants. When the Canadian jets flew over head we knew the worst was to come. They had already crippled our defenses. We have no tanks or planes left. Our ICBMs and Silos were all destroyed, Area 51 and NORAD gone. For years they had been jailing our armed forces. They even colluded with Mexico to prevent us from crossing the border. Then the sanctions came. Food was becoming scarce; there were no jobs and malnutrition reached third world levels. They build walls around the land borders. Concrete walls 20 yards high with snipers waiting to pick off anyone trying to make a jail break. The economy came to a halt. No fuel meant no transportation of goods or people.

They decided how much electricity we could have since they prevented us from making our own. Lights didn’t work and I haven’t been able to use my XBOX 360 for three years now. For dinner, we eat bread, sometimes rice if the rations get to us. My mom pretends to cook on the stove so my younger siblings will think all is well. The pot is always empty though, because there is no cooking gas permitted into America by the Canadians. They prevented aid trucks from coming in. The Canadian Navy blockaded our shores.

All of this because we elected a government the Canadians did not like. Yeah, our government thinks Toronto and Ottawa should be American land and maybe we do to. Our government thinks that Americans should be able to go to Toronto or Ottawa especially if their ancestral roots are there. But the Canadians will have none of it. So this means you get to choke us into submission?

We dug tunnels under the border with Mexico. We try to bring in food. The resistance tries to bring in weapons. The Canadians are cowards. They want us to die and submit but don’t have the courage to come to America - they want to strangle us from far away. They put up walls so they don’t have to be reminded of their crimes. We can’t go out and fight them but we will not sit here and die.

We’ve been able to fashion some home-made rockets from old sewage pipes. Some can fly a few miles. At least they make it to the outside world. They won’t do much damage but at least they will get over the walls. Maybe, just maybe someone will see what happening here in America, maybe when the Canadians are reminded that we exist and that their crimes will be exposed maybe then they will change, maybe then the world will act. What government in the world would stand to see it’s people strangled?

They may come to kill us but what have we to loose? First they promised us progress if we showed them democracy and they reacted to our elections by making our daily lives worse than ever before. Then they tried to blame our government for doing this to us but it is not our ships blockading the sea, or our bombs dropping on our heads, or our walls enclosing us. It is their crime, not ours.

No matter how hard the Canadians try, no matter how many of us they starve or kill, they will never kill our desire for freedom. Freedom is an American value. Freedom is a Palestinian value.

And our tell-tale heart will not stop beating.

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