Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Putting the Destruction in Perspective

On Scale to the United States (1.5M :300M) these are the numbers

262 Gazans who died during the siege for lack of medical treatment or supplies = 52,400 Americans (almost as much as died in Vietnam)

971 Gazans who died in the last 18 days = 194,200 Americans (almost 10 times the number which died at the battle of Antietam in the Civil War, Americas bloodiest day)

Civilians per Square Kilometer where

….Hamas is launching Rockets: 654 (For every Square meter that is targeted .6 Israelis are in the way, much of this is desert)

….Israel is dropping bombs from land, air and see: 4118 (For every Square meter that is targeted 4.1 Gazans are in the way, all of this is built up urban centers)

The most accurate bombs Israel has have a 5 meter accuracy radius from the center of the laser locked target, the shell that hit the UN school for example had an accuracy radius of 30 meters.

Kinda puts things in perspective.

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This is the kind of free press we need more of ya Ustaaz!

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